ORGA Magnus Barrel Wide Bore 6.23mm (AEG)


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Product Overview

The wider bore of the ORGA Magnus Barrel increases accuracy and improves BB trajectory by reducing barrel friction and bouncing inside the barrel. 

Friction between the barrel surface and the BB in standard diameter barrels causes variation in the BB path which can have a significant effect on the trajectory and accuracy after it has left the barrel. Longer length barrels and optimising the hop-up unit has traditionally been used to overcome these effects.

The wider bore of the Magnus Barrel ensures that the spin imparted by the hop-up is more consistent once it leaves the barrel.

Forget about turning your hop rubber inside and filing or cutting your inner barrel. Combining the Namazu with an Orga Magnus barrel means you simply turn your hop rubber 90 degrees for quick and easy installation.

Due to the larger diameter installing this product will result in a drop of around 26-33 fps compared to most stock barrels. We recommend a installing higher power main spring to compensate for the difference.