Firefly Namazu Flat Hop Nub for AEGs with Stainless Steel Pin


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Product Overview

The Firefly Namazu is a flat hop conversion that will significantly improve your range. By enlarging and extending the contact patch, the amount of hop applied to the BB is greatly increased. The included stainless steel pin prevents the nub from compressing when the hop is turned up for heavier BBs

Forget about turning your hop rubber inside and filing or cutting your inner barrel. Combining the Namazu with an Orga Magnus barrel means you simply turn your hop rubber 90 degrees for quick and easy installation.

Installation notes:
- It may be necessary to trim the Namazu to fit into some hop up units.
- The nub should be adjusted and fixed onto the hop up arm in a position where it is level once it makes contact with the hop rubber.

Recommended BB weights:
Soft - 0.2g
Hard - 0.25g
​Super Hard - 0.28g

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