Prometheus Wide Use Metal Hop Up Chamber - M4

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The Prometheus Wide Use Metal Chamber is a high quality hop up unit perfect for upgrading M4/M16 type AEGs. This highly rigid die cast unit is designed for ultimate accuracy.


  • Optimised C clip eliminates play between hop unit and barrel
  • Redesigned arm provides increased contact patch with bucking and nub
  • Stepless rotary dial for easy and accurate hop adjustment


M4/M16 AEGs with 1 piece hop up.

Installation notes

  • A tension spring, which is required for correction installation, is NOT included
  • Depending on your receiver, the unit may need to shimmed to ensure smooth feeding
  • Overtightening the stock tube bolt (screwing into the spring guide) may cause missfeeding
  • The dimensions of the unit are intentionally tight to prevent wobble, some sanding may be required to interface smoothly with your barrel base or outer barrel