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The PicoSSR 3 is the world's smallest MOSFET for AEGs. Despite the diminutive dimensions it is extremely capable being water resistant (with heatshrink fitted) and able to handle batteries up to 12.8V.

Fitting a MOSFET will bypass the mechanical trigger contacts and direct the power directly from the battery to the motor. As a result, you will gain a higher rate of fire and a faster trigger response.

Note: the PicoSSR 3 is NOT compatible with micro-switches

Box Contents

  • PicoSSR 3
  • 2 x 60cm single signal wires for trigger contacts
  • 3 x heat shrink tubes

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    Nice design, imagine it'd fit in anything

    Posted by Al on 26th Aug 2019

    In addition to the form factor, I really like how little extra wiring this requires. Insert on the negative wire, desolder a trigger contact and solder so that both positives are on the same contact, connect the remaining trigger contact to the FET. Done. The single extra cable is very thin, and the long narrow design of the FET means the final result isn't much wider than the negative cable. Fit in my CYMA CM.126 AEP no problem. The Perun edges it out in terms of form factor, max voltage and price but this is still a decent pick and seems more readily available.